TEDX Dubai Women

Amna Abulhoul, a twenty something year old girl, a Zayed University graduate, a semi finalist in the Imagineering competition, an art director for DOHMS, and an inspiring young women had the privilege to speak on one of the most inspirational floors today and that was TEDXDubaiWomen. 

This event that was organized by the College of Communications and Media Sciences at Zayed University was one that we could not have missed. Emirati speakers like Butheina Kazim, Basma Al Fahim, Maryam Darwish and Tarifa Ajaif were also present and took part of this re-imagination of the role of women in the UAE.

Amna as a little girl always had a dream, and that was to produce pieces of work like Disney does for their cartoons. She didn't know when it was going to come true but one fine day at 2a.m that mobile of hers rang, it rang not only to wake her up from her dreams in her sleep... it woke her up for her to start making that once a glittering dream in her mind come true.

"Hello, am I speaking to Amna?" the caller asked.
"Yes, you are...Amna speaking..How can I help you?" Amna said.
"So you are the one who entered the emagineering competition, am I right?" the caller confirmed. 
"Yes" Amna replied.

This phone call was a couple of interview questions that took place in the midst of a normal night only to be the path and steps to Amna's big dream. It was time for her to breakthrough, and on her way she did...

 Living her dream by interning at the Imagineering offices in the USA in November 2009, Amna achieved not only a lot of insights and lessons, but an experience she will never forget.

"The real magic about Disney is not the magic you see, its the sparkle you feel inside your heart." 

We were glad we attended this EXCELLENT event and be a part of the inspirations around us.


  1. I love the start and am glad to see students talking about events here at ZU.