Sprinkled with Love...

What was once "Sprinklez" is now the new and lovely Glittery Jimmies.

Yummmy, delicious and divine. Glittered cupcakes you are mine.

Sprinkled with lots of love, twirled with lovely buttercream and presented like a lovely treat. Glittery Jimmies leaves sparkles and keeps your taste buds happy for a while. 

Come and try 
 "Glittery Jimmies" cupcakes at Festival City. 
Where to devour this?
Festival City, Marina Promenade.

As  fluffy as ever.


Creamy perfect

Cupcake inspirations

The flowers were LOVE and perfection at one place.


The Menu:

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Amazing art work by:Hind Al Marri

What it means to 'Release the Emirati within' you..


تعريف : اطلق الروح الإماراتية بداخلك
هذا ما ارسلناه للترحيب بالمشاركات

نحن مجموعة مكونة من ثلاثة طالبات من جامعة زايد في دبي نعمل على مشروع تخرج. مشروعنا هو عبارة عن مجلة اماراتية و التي سوف تسلط الضوء على المواهب و الاصوات الاماراتية الغير مسموعة حيث ستطلعكم هذه المجلةعلى اسلوب الحياة الاماراتية. هنا ياتي دوركم لتكونوا جزء من هذا المشروع عن طريق ارسال كتاباتكم، فنونكم، قصصكم المستوحاه و اي شيء يتعلق بالازياء و غيره الكثير. بجانب حصولكم على فرصة التالق في مجتمع الامارات، مشاركاتكم ستساعدنا لبناء اصدار اماراتي ٪100

هذا ما نعنيه
هذا سيساعدنا في ان تطلقوا الروح الاماراتية بداخلكم

عندما نقول اطلق الروح الاماراتية بداخلك. نريد اعطاءكم انتم الاماراتيين فرصة قول ما تريدون قوله ببساطه، لاطلاق افكاركم التي جسدتموها في اعمالكم و اخراجها للعالم

نحن نؤمن بان ما ينتجه الاشخاص عادة ما ينبع من الهامهم، افكارهم، حواسهم، محيطهم، مواقفهم و  كل هذا سيدفعهم لفعل شيء يستحق التقدير في حياتهم. نحن نعيش في دولتنا ؛دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة الا تعتقدون انه حان الوقت لنسطع و نتالق.

لذلك اطلقوا الروح الاماراتية بداخلكم عن طريق اظهار ما تمتلكون من مواهب، من افكار ،من تصاميم مبدعة مع احاسيسكم الثقافية و الوطنية

Definition of: 'Release the Emirati within. ' 

This is what we sent out: (for contributions)

We are a group of three Emirati students from Zayed University, Dubai, who are working on a senior capstone project. Our project is an Emirati magazine that will shed light on previously unheard Emirati voices and talents and provide a spotlight on the UAE lifestyle. This is where you come in; we would like you to be a part of our project by sending in contributions of writings, artwork, inspirational stories, anything fashion related and more. Not only will you be given the opportunity to shine in the UAE society, but your contributions will also help us build a legendary publication that is 100% pure Emirati focused.

This is what we mean:

This will help us release the Emirati within you.  We want to give you the privilege and all Emirati’s who have something to say, basically to release your thoughts, feelings allow any of your works to be shown and prove your creative side to the world.

We believe that the work one produces usually evolves from their inspirations, thoughts, feelings, surroundings, and circumstances. These are factors that encourage or push them to do something worthy and valuable in their lives. We live in the UAE, our country; don’t you believe that it is time that WE shine?

So release the Emirati within you by showcasing your talented works, inspirational thoughts, creative designs and traditional emotions. 

The Emirati within us is released…Release yours

Dear +971-ers:

We are so excited to invite you all to our magazine's launch events on the 23rd and 24th of December 2010…Yes basically in 2 days…
For the past three months we have worked on creating a new change, an Emirati change that can for once bring us all together under one united creative and powerful roof..
As you will find us at the Aquarium Walk, level 1, you will be able to share our three months of hard work with us and join us in helping to release the Emirati within us all..

We look forward to meeting every single one of you and introducing you to +971 magazine.

Quote of the day: Wise words continue to inspire..

"The real asset of any advanced nation is its people, especially 

the educated ones, and the prosperity and success of the 

people are measured by the standard of their education." 
                                    Sheikh Zayed-peace be upon him

A map, that maps it all!!

What caught our eye! At Zayed University, a map of honor!!! Cool right?
What better way to explain honor?
It inspired us immediately and we wanted to share this masterpiece with all of you..
Look closely at the details, we were AMAZED!

Wise words from Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan..Peace be upon him.

"He who does not know his past cannot make the best of his 

present and future, for it is from the past that we learn."

                                                              Sheikh Zayed

Whenever you feel for Falafel!

Only go for...

Because like you, once we also ----->

This a very cool concept that sells just FALAFEL!! How cool is that? Through their menu you get a tour of falafel in different cuisines such as Lebanese, Greek, Indian etc..All with different flavors and amazing fillings!

Check out this link of this ADORABLE video of Just Falafel celebrating UAE National day!


To contact Just Falafel visit: www.justfalafel.com